Please note we are affiliated to the Gloucestershire Football Association (GFA)

and have their full support. If you wish to see any documents please ask.

Costs and fines

1. Each team will pay a JOINING fee OF £40 WHICH IS NON RETUrNABLE.

2. Each team will pay an insurance fee (This insurance is not for personal injury claims, this would need to be taken up as a personal cover but is not required in our leagues)

3. each game is £40 THIS INCLUDES AFFIliaTION TO THE GFA (failure to pay the correct fee on match night) will result in the offending team being issued with a 6 - 0 loss.

4. If you wish to cancel your game and give 48 + hours notice a fine of £40 is incurred which must be paid on your next fixture.

5. If you fail to give 48 hours notice or do not show up at your allotted time a fine of £80 is incurred which must be paid on your next fixture

6. In the result of a cancellation a friendly will be ARRANGED for the opposing team and MUST BE PLAYED AND awarded a 6-0 win if the full match fee is paid. (Normal Rules and Regulations apply)

7. In the event a friendly could not be arranged due to late cancellation or a failure to show up. A 6-0 win will be awarded

8. Any team wishing to withdraw from the leagues must give 2 weeks notice and pay up any outstanding monies. Failure to do so will result in all names and addresses of the players being sent to the GFA to recover any payments plus GFA charges (this will result in a total ban on any team player (from the offending team) from taking part in any football activity).

Disciplinary Action

1. Blue cards carry a four-minute suspension. The player must stand behind their goalkeeper and will allowed back on once the referee has timed the four minutes.  

2. Two blue cards to the same player during a match will result in a red card and the player will be asked to leave the game immediately. The game will not restart until the player has left.

3. Red cards carry a minimum of a two-week ban. Depending on the severity of the offence will deem how long the player will serve a ban and could be reported to the GFA.

4. Mangers have the right to appeal our decisions BY CONTACTING THE SIXES WITHIN 48 HOURS.

During and before playing

1. All teams must join the Sixes by using a registration form and must have a manager and assistant manager listed with contact details. All details are passed to the GFA. You must inform the Sixes of any change of addresses or contact telephone numbers.

2. It is the responsibility of the manager to fulFIL all the fixtures throughout the season. If for any reason your team is running late you must contact us on our mobile phone number (07971 702318). Please be aware for every five minutes up to half time your team is late a goal is awarded to the opposition. Once half time has been reached a 6-0 win will be awarded to the opposition and the game will not be replayed.


4. Each team must have a minimum of four players and a maximum of nine players per match with only six players at any one time on the pitch. Subs are roll on roll off but the ball must be out of play and you must inform the referee prior to the substitution being made.

5. The wearing of BLADES, studded. or moulded footwear is not permitted. All players including the goalkeepers must wear shin pads. If a player enters the pitch without shin pads the opposition is automatically awarded a 6-0 win. Team clothing should also be of the same colour, where there are colour clashes bibs are provided.

6. Any player or spectator deemed to be under the influence of ALCOHOL, SMOKING INCLUDING E CIGARETTES OR drugs will not be permitted to play or watch and will be asked to vacate the venue immediately.

7. The ball is allowed above head height

8. Players are allowed to enter the goal keeping area but are not allowed to make contact with the goalkeeper. If contact is made a free kick is awarded.

9. All free kicks are direct and players must give five yards, failure to do so will result in the free kick being moved forward.

10. Goalkeepers must release the ball by throwing over or under arm.

11. Goalkeepers are not permitted to intentionally kick the ball if they have time to pick the ball up. The referee will have the authority to deem if there was adequate time. If the referees decision was, there was time, a penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team.

12.  If the ball goes out of play a kick in is awarded, you cannot score direct from a kick in, the ball must touch another player before it goes in, if the ball goes out for a goal kick the goalkeeper must release the ball by throwing it out.

13.  A goal can’t be scored direct from a corner kick; the ball must touch another player before it goes into the net.

14.  Sliding tackles are not permitted

15.  Players who are on the floor are not allowed to interfere with the game play. A free kick or penalty will be awarded depending on where the occurrence took place.

16.  Goalkeepers must not leave their areas. We understand with weather conditions goal keepers can leave their area, this can happen intentionally and unintentionally the referee will deem if it is intentional or not and will award a penalty or free kick accordingly.

17.  Players can go back to the keepers during play but if a goalkeeper has just released the ball it must touch another player before it can go back to the goalkeeper. A free kick will be awarded against the keeper unless it is deemed the keeper denied a goal scoring opportunity and then a penalty is awarded.

18.  Urinating in the courts is both disgusting and not permitted. THE venue haS toilet facilities please use them. Any person caught urinating will be red carded and banned for two weeks.

19.  As from AUGUST 2017 goalkeepers are Alowwed UNLIMITED transferS, This does not apply to any outfield players, only recognised goalkeepers.



Cup finals and presentation

1. All players must have played two games during the season either in the league or cup games to enable them to play on cup finals night. All teams sheets must be written prior to kick off and checked by management. We strongly recommend you check your players before cup finals night to avoid disappointment.

2. In the event of a match being tied after normal time, a penalty shoot out will be carried out. The penalties must be taken by any of the players to a maximum of six players as long as their names are on the team sheet. If all six penalties on both sides are scored then the same six players will continue to take penalties in THE SAME order until there is a winner. In the event of a team having less than six players on the team sheet both teams must take the same amount of penalties.

3. The presentation will follow cup finals night where trophies are awarded to teams and individuals for their achievements made in the league and cup during the season. Failure to turn up for your trophies will be deemed as you not wanting them and you are forfeiting your trophies.

      The Sixes Football reserve the right to amend any of the above rules at it’s own

discretion and their decision is final.